smallman & TDK (Bulgaria) + REDLAKE CIRCUS (Germany)

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smallman (Bulgaria)

Smallman is a Bulgarian band creating heavy, experimental, ambient music, influenced by the “Balkans” folklore. Deep vocals and Bulgarian “gaida” and “kaval” instruments bring a hypnotic atmosphere to balance the aggressive environment of the guitar riffs, bass lines and outlined rhythms.The band is formed in 2001 in the foot of the “Rhodope” mountains which is one of the main inspirations for their work. Members:
Cvetan Hadzhiyski – vocals, bagpipes, kaval
Ivan Todorov – guitars
Stefan Penev – bass
Andon Trapkov – drums
Ivan Shopov – programming, electronic instruments

TDK (Bulgaria)

Bulgarian rock band established in 2012 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, TDK is the cross section of the social experiment which we call “the transition”. The band’s music is a complex composition which blends images of the tough desert and the mystical mountains. Some of the songs are deeply influenced by traditional Bulgarian music and others are crunched by the grasp of the Stoner sound. All the lyrics are in Bulgarian heavily inspired by the late new wave poet Dimitar Voev. TDK’s music is one of paradoxes and extreme emotions, one to capture the senses and the mind alike.
On the 1st of August 2015 the band releases a live video to their song “Infanta”, dedicated to the work of Bulgarian poet Димчо Дебелянов / Dimcho Debelyanov – “Legend of the Dissolute Queen” and “Bright Faith”. 16.08.2015. is the official release date of TDK’s third single – “Evren”. After a week in Tangra’s Top 40 chart the song reaches number 3.

Media quotes:
"Eloquent in their words and performances, they portend emotional collapse and subsequent inspiration for everyone" -
"The group that blew up the scene, broke the accepted standards of music, burned everything in its path and, like a phoenix, rose above the masses." –


Rising from the depths of Berlin´s seething underground, Redlake Circus is a dark and mysterious ornament of music, art and theatrical performance. Perfectly blending Metal, Psych and Hard Rock, the trio has been igniting stages worldwide, becoming a must seen live act. In 2012 having toured Mexico, USA and Europe with their brilliant debut album and their masterpiece ´Ouroboros´ - mixed by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Russian Circles) and mastered by Ed Brooks (Pelican, Botch, Pearl Jam) in Seattle - the band gained international success and ´Ouroboros´ was named one of the best albums of 2012 in Mexico & Latin America. The thick sound, hypnotic grooves, ominously drifting sound aesthetics, unpredictable breaks, the whole creation of the songs as well as lead singer Santana´s very powerfull, intense voice for some moments remind of the progressive dynamics of Tool and the sonic walls of Pelican.

Media quotes:
"... Definitely one of the best bands of the Rock scene.” - Ivan Nieblas „El Patas“, Stoner Nation
"Hard Rock and Metal lovers alike will attach themselves to this album for a ride of intricate changes and diverse off-timing." -Michael “Merl” McClure, Still Rock Magazine

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